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Application season is in full force: Graduate schools, a slew of book awards, many of the top Best Of collections and anthologies, some top competitive workshops and fellowships, and a whole lot of writer’s retreats all happen to have chosen October-January for applications/nominations. If you miss the window, it’s gone until next year, so I’m spending more time in spreadsheets than I am in Word docs lately. Today I thought I’d share residency resources to save the writers out there a little time. Happy applying!

Residencies for WritersMy personal megalist of writing residencies and workshops. Feel free to share on email/social media/etc.; credit is always appreciated.

Residencies – Tin HouseThe application deadline for Tin House is November 20, 2022.

Application and Acceptance | Middlebury Bread Loaf Writers’ ConferencesThe Middlebury Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference application deadline is February 15.

Writing Between the Vines – Vineyard Retreats for WritersOpen for 2023! Vineyard retreats for writers in all genres including fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, and poetry. Writing Between the Vines, Sonoma County CA. Apply now.

Special Mentions

Thank you for helping my hybrid chap inVISIBLE crack the top 100,000 in Books and the top 10,000 for Biographies! If you’ve read it, PLEASE leave a review–it helps so much for continuing sales. And if you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?



inVISIBLE on LitNuts.comA nice mention on LitNuts for inVISIBLE: Through an experimental blend of prose, poetry, and image, McPherson interrogates the body and its connections to modern science and folk medicine, birch trees and chronic wounds, Fight Club and microplastics. These connections make themselves known in the unlikeliest of places…

Recent Publications

Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Issue 3
Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Issue 3 issuu.com

The Autumn Issue of Suburban Witchcraft Magazine includes my flash CNF, “The No Makeup Makeover for Pandemics, Quarantines, and Everyday Looks.”

Magical Midwest: An Anthology (Tablet/Desktop Optimized) — Olney
Magical Midwest: An Anthology (Tablet/Desktop Optimized) — Olneywww.olneymagazine.com

I have two photographs in this spooky anthology. Digital downloads are free!


December: Poetry “Eight Synonyms for Shroud,” The Deadlands

January ’23: Flash CNF “Pollywogs,” The Corvus Review

February: Flash satire “The New Millennial Library from A to Z,” The Gorko

Spring ’23: Guest lecture “Pynchon’s Sexy Lampshades: Categorizing Femininity, Feminism, and Universality with Pynchon’s ‘Accessible’ Women,” at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks [I should *probably* start thinking about working on this]

Spring ’23: Short Horror “Eigengrau,” Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror


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