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It’s officially pumpkin spice season, which seems like a great day to kick off a newsletter. Not that I have a PSL to power through this task. It’s 80 degrees outside, and also that would involve leaving the house.

I do love this time of year though, not least because the second half of the year seems to be when most creative acceptances roll in for me. It’s as if no one wants to deal with my macabre bullshit (yes there will be swearing in this newsletter) in spring and summer when everything is nice and the skies are blue and there’s a reason to live. But then the air starts getting cooler and the days shorter and the editors are like YES THIS SPOOKY NIGHTMARE MESS, WE WANT IT. Look forward to:

  • September 5: Flash fiction “999,” DarkWinter Lit
  • September: Two photographs appearing in Olney Magazine’s Magical Midwest Anthology
  • TBD: CNF “The Perfect No Makeup Makeover for Pandemics, Quarantines, and Every Day Looks,” Suburban Witchcraft Mag
  • January ’23: CNF “Pollywogs,” The Corvus Review
  • Spring ’23: “Pynchon’s Sexy Lampshades: Categorizing Femininity, Feminism, and Universality with Pynchon’s ‘Accessible’ Women,” guest lecture at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks

And then?

I’m still figuring out what this newsletter will be, which is a terrible strategy for launching a newsletter. Nevertheless, she will have persisted. In future issues, more or less on the first of every month, I plan to include round-ups of what I have been reading, useful writing tools/cool things in general, and possibly other thoughts* that I didn’t just tweet immediately. Stick around for more:

  • Breaking food news (you want a PSL now, don’t deny)
  • Quiet horror
  • Messy CNF
  • Pynchon
  • DeLillo
  • TBD

*I initially typed errata but errata isn’t just a list…it’s a list of errors and corrections. Which may or may not be accurate in this context, but let’s pretend things will go smoothly.

Happy September!

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