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Editing Services

Structured feedback from an experienced editor, so your readers can focus on the content.

I offer professional editing and proofreading services to help you improve your writing. More than just suggesting changes, my priority is to help you learn, so that you become a strong self-editor. My measure of success is when editorial clients don’t need to come back!

I’ve been freelance editing since 2011 across projects including nonfiction articles, short stories, novel-length works, creative nonfiction, essays, white papers, resumes, PowerPoints, and even entire websites. I will help you improve your writing, even if you aren’t writing professionally yet, and give you actionable feedback on your work so you can submit or hit publish with confidence.

Finally, while I’m a business, I’m also an individual. I do not use ghostwriters. You will work with me—a professional editor who really cares about your project—directly every step of the way. Let’s get started!


For content that needs the finishing touch.

Style and copyediting focuses on grammar, mechanics, and internal consistency. Special: Flash copyedits (up to 1,500 words) are available with a one-week turnaround and can be purchased instantly.

Flash Critique

Short on words, not on content.

This is in-depth feedback, including editing, on any piece up to 1,500 words. Flash critiques are available with a one-week turnaround and can be purchased instantly.

Resume Editing

Are you ready for your close-up?

With 20 years of management, supervision, and hiring responsibilities in corporate and contract settings, I have seen hundreds of resumes—and for my clients, I have edited dozens.  Resume edits are available with a one-week turnaround and can be purchased instantly.

Sample Copyedit

Need to get coffee first?

Want to test-drive what it would be like to work with me? Sample copyedits of up to 500 words/one page (any type of writing) can be purchased instantly for a flat rate of $15.

Personal Writing Tutor

Want to be a better writer?

I offer writing tutoring in one-hour blocks via Zoom for clients aged 16 and up. Whether you’re working in short or long creative forms, professional documentation, or personal/professional development, I can help!

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Laura’s work. She is absolutely excellent at what she does. I have hired copywriters in the past and was about to give up looking for someone who could help me when I found Laura. She is a very talented writer, always on-time with deadlines, devoted to delivering an excellent product no matter what the project, under-promises and over-delivers every time, and just plain easy to work with. If you have any copywriting or editing needs you will be more than happy with the results when you hire Laura.

Kerry L.

Do you have a white paper, PowerPoint, or other report destined for a professional audience that needs editing, or another project that could benefit from skilled editing not listed above? Please get in touch for a quote or request a sample edit.

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