What sets you apart from other editing services?

I’m not trying to convert you into a lifetime client who comes back again and again for the same editing service. I want to help you learn, so that you become a strong self-editor! My measure of success is when editorial clients don’t need to come back. Additionally, while I’m a business, I’m also an individual. You will work with me directly every step of the way. I do not hire or use ghostwriters or assistants.

What types of writing do you work with?

Over a decade of working full-time as a writer and editor, I have acquired experience working with all types of writing (in fact, to be frank, it is incredibly difficult to make a living in this space if you don’t have facility with multiple genres). I am happy to work with professional/technical writing, creative writing, and creative nonfiction writing. I do not offer services pertaining to poetry or erotica at this time.

What happens after I click “Buy Now?”

For Editor On Call clients, you will be directed to Stripe to securely complete your purchase. For all other clients, you will complete your purchase via PayPal. Once your payment clears, I will send you a contract. Once I have received your contract and the document to be edited, I will start work. The one-week turnaround time starts when I receive your complete contract and the work to be edited.

Does professional editing improve my chances of publication?

Yes and no. All other things being equal, a well-polished manuscript is more likely to be read, and thus recommended or accepted (yay!). However, no amount of editing can ever guarantee publication. While writing is an art, publishing is still a business, and for a myriad of business reasons, not all pieces find a home.

Why do you require a contract?

A contract protects us both! On my side, it ensures that I am paid for the work that I do, and on your side, it ensures that you get the work that you paid for.

What if I want to use a payment method other than Stripe?

I am happy to accept wire transfers and payments via Zelle. Contact me to discuss your project and the available options.

How long will the process take?

Typical turnaround time varies based on my schedule and the length of the work. I am currently booking three weeks out, which means that for a full-service, novel-length edit, you will receive edits approximately six weeks from the date I receive your manuscript and completed payment. Shorter form edits are currently running three to four weeks out from completed booking. If you’re under deadline, contact me to discuss potential rush options and fees.

What are your credentials?

In addition to the direct experience of working full-time as a freelance writer and editor since 2011, I hold a BA in Career and Technical Education and History from Eastern New Mexico University and anticipate a Post-Certificate Baccalaureate in Writing from University of California, Berkeley in Spring 2022. You can read more on my About page and see my various professional writing and editing memberships as well as endorsements from past clients on my LinkedIn.

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